Course5 Intelligence has launched the first working module of its revolutionary AI-based Optimizer Suite technology that promises to cut turnaround time in research operations by nearly 70 percent with zero error rates. The fully-ready module, which was demonstrated at the Insights Leadership Conference, November 5-7 in San Diego, completes survey scripting at high speeds with minimal human intervention.

What distinguishes Optimizer Suite from most automation technologies in the market is the use of Natural Language Processing and deep machine learning which allows the platform to auto parse questionnaires and generate XML output ready to be uploaded in any of the leading survey hosting platforms. The self-learning algorithms of the platform mean that they do not operate in any templated formats and are able to intelligently apply revised programming across any new questionnaire formats.

The complete Optimizer Suite platform will automate the entire effort-intensive survey generation process from Questionnaire Design and Scripting to Data Processing and charting/reporting. It’s highly intuitive interface allows researchers full visibility into the process enabling close monitoring and tracking. The Scripting module can currently be accessed as part of their full-spectrum research services or can be deployed within organizations via license based versions.

Course5 Intelligence drives digital transformation for research organizations through analytics, insights, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The firm provides full-service research operations services powered by proprietary AI-based technologies that support clients in three areas: Day-to-day research operations, custom research, and deeper insights. Other offerings in their Research AI suite include Course5 Creative Testing, Ad Optimization, and Course5 Link.