The Market Research Institute International, in conjunction with the University of Georgia, has expanded its Qualitative Market Research Principles Express course to incorporate timely topics such as usability research, creating moderator guides, new advances in data gathering and analysis, and much more. The course covers the most cutting-edge applications in this burgeoning and critical element of the insights tool kit and incorporates the latest thinking and practical industry knowledge so marketing researchers can be successful worldwide.

According to MRII President Stephanie C. Harris, “This important expanded topic complements our Principles of Market Research and Principles Express offerings by allowing practitioners and users of market research to navigate all phases of qualitative research from project conception to implementation and analysis.”

Students enrolling in the course will benefit from real-life industry examples and other applied learning from leading practitioners. The new course goes beyond MRII’s core qualitative education offerings, with new topics including:

  • Usability research
  • Choosing and implementing the best research design
  • Key considerations when selecting a qualitative researcher
  • Designing effective screeners to best select the ideal target audience
  • Best practices in creating an effective moderator guide
  • Debriefing after a group session or in-depth interview
  • Gathering and assimilating data
  • Data analysis

“The field of qualitative research has become even more important today as organizations seek to better understand customer motivations, beliefs and the emotional drivers of their behavior,” says MRII Executive Director Steve Kraus. “We’re excited to offer a contemporary look at the tools and techniques necessary to unleash the power of this modality.”

Designed to be completed independently and online in as few as 11 hours of study, the Qualitative Market Research course incorporates an abundance of interactive features that allow students to gain a broad grasp of the topics covered. Students can learn more and register at: