Collage Group, the leading source of cultural intelligence about diverse consumers to America’s iconic brands, recently released its CultureRate:Brand and CultureRate:Ad rankings of the more than 500 brands and 200 ads evaluated as part of the data pool. Lysol, Netflix, Google, and Band-Aid rank among the most Culturally Fluent brands, while Dove, National Geographic, Oreo and Campbell’s produced the most Culturally Fluent ad creative.

The Collage Group research includes more than 20 industries across 100 subcategories, and is organized into 10 broad sectors, including: Alcoholic Beverages, Automotive, Education, Financial Services & Banking, Food & Beverages, Health & Wellness, Household Products, Media & Telecom, Personal Products, and Retail & QSR.

The rankings follow the release of new U.S. Census data that shows America is much more racially and ethnically diverse than ever. For example, the multiracial population (individuals reporting more than one race) jumped 276% over the past decade—from 9 million in 2010 to 33.8 million in 2020.

“Consumers are expecting more of brands as cultural transformation of the American consumer accelerates,” says David Wellisch, Collage Group Co-Founder and CEO. “Given the rapidly changing demographic landscape, a deep understanding of cultural resonance and its drivers is an essential capacity to create a winning brand strategy in diverse America.”

CultureRate research centers on a key metric referred to as the Cultural Fluency Quotient (CFQ). CFQ scores are designed specifically to measure cultural resonance across segments for both brands (B-CFQ) and ads (A-CFQ). Researchers developed the measurement by testing 20 distinct components scores in multiple combinations to accurately measure cultural resonance while providing predictive insight into higher purchase intent and brand favorability. CFQ scores provide marketing and insights professionals with a tool to gauge their brand or ad cultural fluency and evaluate the competitive landscape.

Top Ten Brands for Cultural Fluency* include: Top 15 Ads for Cultural Fluency* include:
  1. Lysol
  2. Netflix
  3. YouTube
  4. Clorox
  5. Band-Aid
  6. Dawn
  7. Google
  8. Amazon
  9. Hershey’s





1. Dove: All Hair is Beautiful
2. Oreo: Stay Home, Stay Playful
2. National Geographic: Reimaging Dinosaurs
2. Dove: Skin Stories
2. Lysol: Questions Need Answers
3. Frito-Lay: Let’s Summer
3. Campbell’s: Snowbuddy
3. Disney: Magic is Here
4. Tropicana: Breakfast Across America
4. Dunkin’: Welcome to Dunkin’
4. Clorox: Caregivers - Bodega
4. Subaru: Crosstrek Girl Trip
4. Coca-Cola: History Shakers
4. McCormick: Taco Night
4. Cascade: Do It Every Night With Cascade Platinum

*Only brands with an average awareness of over 60 respondents per segment are included to avoid low sample issues. Several brands and ads tied for the top rankings. Collage Group’s CultureRate Explorer tool includes all rankings.

Go deeper and explore the top 20 rankings for CultureRate:Brand and CultureRate:Ad.

CFQ reports ranking the top brands and ads are now available for each major industry in Collage Group’s CultureRate Explorer tool. This new tool provides quick insight into how diverse consumer segments view brands on the B-CFQ. Identify any brand in the database and compare it to the top ten brands on B-CFQ or Awareness, in any category.

“CultureRate reports are just one of the many ways Collage Group supports the members of our cultural intelligence platforms,” says David Evans, Collage Group Chief Product Officer. “When coupled with Cultural Traits, Passion Points and the combined 78 million data points in the platform, more than 200 of America’s leading brands are leveraging CultureRate to effectively and efficiently leapfrog competitors to engage and win America’s diverse consumers.”