The CMOR-MRA Interviewer/Supervisor Training Modules help foster excellence in telephone survey call center management and interviewing.

CMOR and MRA volunteers developed this material as a result of feedback received from the annual Respondent Cooperation Workshops where attendees identified the need for interviewer education. Since that time,  we have gathered feedback and insight and continued to update and enhance the training program

The training set includes such topics as interviewer performance evaluation, ensuring data quality, creating recognition and incentive programs, and best practices in keeping interviewers motivated and much more. The training modules are in PowerPoint format accompanied by corresponding facilitator guides. They are designed for an instructor to use while guiding a class through the different training topics. Going at a moderate pace, through every module, there are at least 60 hours worth of training. There are also exam components to assess the class’s learning and retention of the content. Most of the training modules have been set up to be generic enough that you can incorporate and customize the slides to your own training program, and add your own training examples if you want  to do so.

Important Note: The training modules have not been updated in a long while. They used to be offered for sale, and now we offer them as a members-only benefit. CMOR/MRA volunteers originally developed this material as a result of feedback from CMOR's Respondent Cooperation Workshops and updated and expanded them in the years following.

Interviewer Basic Training (Group 1)

This set of modules is designed for new interviewers who are just learning the skills needed to become a successful and professional telephone interviewer. Each module can be scheduled wherever it fits well within the internal training sessions of each company. The very first module is the most basic and should be conducted initially if the company has no basic module of interviewer training.

Basics of Interviewing

History of Marketing Research

Voice Control


Refusal Rebuttal

Interviewer Training: Customer Satisfaction Interviewing (Group 2)

Interviewers will be trained in how to conduct correct surveys on customer satisfaction. Because the  interviewer is representing the company to its employees, special instruction is needed in how to best protect the company’s reputation through objective and professional  techniques.

Interviewer Training: Business-to-Business Inteviewing (Group 3)

Doing research with business contacts represents a unique  challenge to interviewers, as there is the added level of gatekeeper to negotiate with in the survey process. Business interviewing often involves very high levels of business executives as respondents. This Group teaches experienced interviewers how to handle challenges while presenting a professional image for the company sponsoring the study.

Interviewing Process

B2B Assertiveness Training

Managing Objections & Refusals

Making it to the Finish Line

Supervisor Training: Basic Training (Group 4)

This set of modules instructs supervisors who are responsible for monitoring and coaching telephone interviewers on a  daily basis. Because of increasing respondent resistance, and the different employee groups that now comprise interviewers, supervisors need to develop a coaching style that recognizes how hard the interviewer’s job is and  relates to interviewers as adults capable of directing their own development. These modules expose supervisors to  ways to develop effective communication methods and a supportive  style to assist interviewers in their jobs.

Communication Styles

How Adults Learn

Relating Adult to Adult

Evaluating Introductions

Giving Feedback

Supervisor Training: Interviewer Motivation (Group 5)

This set of modules instructs supervisors on the most critical aspect of reducing interviewer turnover and ensuring high performance - interviewer motivation. Supervisors who participate in this training will be skilled in proper techniques for ensuring the day-to-day motivation of interviewers (including such topics as monitoring, giving productive feedback, & building teams with rapport and enthusiasm).

Basic Motivation

Motivating While Monitoring

Building Interviewer Teams

Call Center Admin: Trainer Training (Group 6)

A critical element in managing a successful telephone  interviewing operation is an effective training program for interviewers and supervisors. This set of modules gives classroom trainers techniques on managing the learning  process in today’s challenging interviewing and employee  environment. Training can no longer be approached as if the trainer knows everything and the trainee knows nothing. Employees bring expectations and knowledge that can be leveraged in the learning exchange, and this module covers  how to let that exchange occur smoothly and effectively.

Why Training

Interactivity in Classroom

Supportive Environment

Post-Training Supportive Environment

Call Center Admin: Interviewer Management (Group 7)

This module encompasses a variety of topics that every call center manager, supervisor, and administrator struggles with incentive programs, cost-effective ways to recognize interviewers, and the development of  career growth opportunities for interviewers. This module teaches how to arrange the building blocks of a stable,  efficient, and well-performing call center organization.

Interviewer Incentives

Career Growth for Interviewers

Recognizing Interviewers

Call Center Admin: Interviewer Assessment (Group 8)

The final training module group includes advanced &  specific methods of  evaluation and assessing call center  interviewers  from the point of hire throughout their tenure  in your organization. Everyone needs benchmarks. Every one needs to learn and grow.

Identifying & Managing Performance Challenges

Interviewer Performance Evaluation

Coaching Other Performance Measures