Marketing research and data analytics in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry will face familiar challenges.

Bullets dodged in 2018 will continue to fly in 2019. Advocacy from Steve Schlesinger and the Insights Association in New Jersey prevented restrictions on incentives for health care professional participating in marketing research, and our amendment to S.B. 790 in California protecting such incentive payments survived before the bill eventually died. However, the new Democrat supermajority in the California legislature will pursue a similar or worse bill in 2019; Maine has yet to provide guidance on their payment ban, leaving it a no-go state for pharma MR with doctors; and the city of Philadelphia is considering its own pharma payment restrictions already. More states will consider restrictions, as a misguided part of their battles against the opioid epidemic or high drug prices.

Similarly, the White House fight against drug prices could also spill over into our world, and upcoming revisions to the HIPAA Privacy Rule (contours still unknown), may also complicate health care MR and analytics data collection, use, and sharing.

Finally, corporate research and analytics departments and their partners will feel the increased chokehold from Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and compliance department attempts to prepare for data restrictions in the California Consumer Privacy Act, which takes effect in 2020, but continues to be altered.

-- as published in Pharma Market Research Report, December 2018