Burgeoning privacy and data security regulation will be huge for the marketing research and data analytics industry in 2020. The insights community will face a growing and conflicting mess of privacy regulations.

In particular, the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA), a comprehensive privacy law inspired by GDPR (but more complicated and contradictory), comes into effect on January 1. You will have to come into compliance before regulations are even finalized – no small feat. Insights Association advocacy in 2019 helped improve CCPA a bit and prevented worse bills. Unfortunately, the billionaire backer of the ballot initiative that spawned CCPA has yet another one on the fall 2020 ballot to dramatically broaden CCPA’s punishment of our industry. It has a good chance of passage. Meanwhile, a new privacy law came into effect in Nevada, and dozens of other states will work on convoluted CCPA-inspired legislation in 2020.

That’s why IA founded the Privacy for America coalition and will be pushing Congress in 2020 to pass our model federal privacy legislation. It will empower the FTC as our national privacy regulator, set clear rules for businesses, prevent and punish unfair data practices, recognize the legitimacy of marketing research, and preempt these conflicting state laws.

-- as published in the 25th Annual RBR Predictions Issue, December 2019.