AK - Representative David Guttenberg (D-8) re-introduced H.B. 45, legislation MRA helped defeat in 2010. This bill would require a manufacturer or labeler of prescription drugs to report their marketing costs, “in a form that gives the value, nature, purpose, and recipient of the expense”, including “expenses that are associated with the advertising, direct promotion, or other marketing of prescription drugs to health care providers in this state” of $25 or more. H.B. 45 defines “health care provider” as “a person authorized to provide health care in this state, the person's employees in this state, a health care insurer, a health plan, a pharmacy, a hospital, a nursing facility, and a clinic”.

Given that incentives for health care providers participating in marketing research studies could be included, MRA will seek to amend or defeat H.B. 45.

See MRA's position paper on H.B. 45.

Photo: Denali Park Alaska by Lasse Kolb / Attribution-ShareAlike