Comscore announced the acquisition of MdotLabs, aiming to "augment" the company's "non-human traffic (NHT) detection methods" to improve the accuracy of the company's audience measurement platforms and combat click fraud.

"MdotLabs uses cyber-security methodologies such as signal processing, statistics, machine learning and applied math to identify a variety of malicious activities including bots, click farms, pay-per-view networks and a growing list of traffic generation techniques. Integrated with Comscore’s existing NHT detection methods, the combined technology provides a sophisticated, multi-layered approach to the identification and eradication of NHT in the measurement of digital audiences and advertising. This allows for the reporting of a human-based GRP metric that minimizes the effects of NHT, enabling more precise media planning, buying and evaluation."

As part of the acquisition, MdotLabs' personnel, including co-founders Dr. Paul Barford and Timur Yarnall, will join Comscore.