As stay-at-home orders are lifted in some states and extended in others, mapping out a reopening strategy is difficult. Layered onto this shifting situation are rules variations across jurisdictions and oftentimes murky or contradictory communications. Despite all this, companies throughout the insights and data analytics space must be prepared for business in a post-COVID world.

“Both in terms of moving employees to remote work and redesigning and evolving in-person research, insights businesses transitioned impressively during the past several weeks,” commented Melanie Courtright, CEO of the Insights Association. “Now, companies must grapple with numerous challenges as offices begin to reopen. This will not simply be a reset to practices and policies in place previously. They will be returning to a changed world.” 

To assist business owners and facilities managers in their efforts to resume operations as efficiently and safely as possible, the Insights Association, the leading nonprofit trade association representing the marketing research and data analytics industry, has released guidelines to help. They cover general workplace requirements and recommendations, as well as those specific to hosting focus groups and conducting other in-person qualitative research. “In-person qualitative research is a critical tool in gathering insights, and reopening these facilities is a must for the health of our profession,” Courtright observed. “IA stands prepared to support the re-opening of in-person research facilities any way we can.”

Areas covered include such matters as social distancing, liability releases, communications, and research respondent scheduling. They were developed with input and recommendations from IA members and may be accessed via the links below:

“It’s overwhelming for business owners and operations managers to track the different rules, shifting timelines and slew of recommendations and restrictions posted daily by various states – some applicable to insights companies and some not,” Courtright noted. “For quite some time this will be a continuously evolving situation – governments and businesses will learn and adjust as we move along. We encourage our members to share their experiences with us and stay abreast of the updates we will continue to provide.”