Rep. Pricey Harrison (D-87) introduced H.B. 611, which would add "political messages" to the definition of "telephone solicitation" and subject telephone solicitations via text messages to the state do not call registry.

H.B. 611 would add political messages to the definition of telephone solicitation, "if the message is communicated by use of an automatic dialing and recorded message player". N.C.G.S.A. § 75-101 defines "Automatic dialing and recorded message player" to mean "Any automatic equipment that incorporates a storage capability of telephone numbers to be called or a random or a sequential number generator capable of producing numbers to be called that, working alone or in conjunction with other equipment, disseminates a prerecorded message to the telephone number called."

"Political messages" are not specifically defined.

Since H.B. 611 could potentially restrict automated politcal polls the same as telemarketing calls in North Carolina, MRA will seek to amend or defeat this legislation.