You’ve determined that your company needs to comply with the GDPR but deciding on where to begin can be daunting. This section of the GDPR Portal will outline four compliance phases that will take your from square one to implementation and beyond.

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PLAN – Take the important first step of bringing together key stakeholders from across your organization to create awareness and accurately assess your compliance needs.

  1. Build Your Team

Identify Stakeholders

Create Awareness

Get Buy-in

  1. Consider Compliance Needs

Conduct Data Inventory

Data Flow Mapping

DO – Once you have designated your team and identified the compliance needs of your organization work to design and put in place appropriate policies and procedures.  

C. Design & Implement Policies and Procedures


                                                Cross Border Transfers

                                                Respondent/Data Subject Rights

                                                Technical & Administrative Safeguards

                                                Data Necessity, Retention, Disposal

                                                Data Integrity

                                                Data Security & Breach Response Planning

TEST – Review the policies and procedures your organization adopted by testing and evaluating their effectiveness.

D. Evaluate and Improve Policies and Procedures

                                                Impact Assessments


IMPLEMENT & DOCUMENT – If your new policies and procedures are effective, fully implement them and document compliance! If not, revisit the plan, do, and check steps to improve upon what you tried.

E. Demonstrate Compliance

                                                Ongoing record keeping

                                                Audit trail

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